Utilizing SEO Strategies to Improve Your LinkedIn Position

LinkedIn is more than just a platform for posting digital resumes; it’s a multifaceted tool. It serves as a search engine, a learning platform, and the ultimate networking hub, effectively functioning as a social media platform for your professional journey. However, it is puzzling that many individuals merely upload their resumes and let them gather digital dust until they’re in need of a job or talent.

It’s time to break this cycle and actively engage in this vibrant community of professionals.

Numerous strategies are available to enhance your visibility and improve your ranking when seeking new employment opportunities. In this article, we will focus on general SEO techniques that can benefit job seekers, hiring managers, companies, and employees alike.

Neil Patel, renowned SEO expert, has pinpointed some key ranking factors to focus on: 

1. Profile Completeness: A fully filled-out profile, often referred to as achieving “All-Star” status on LinkedIn, not only looks good but also receives preferential treatment in search results.

2. Relevance: LinkedIn places a strong emphasis on the relevance of a profile or content to the searcher. This is determined by elements such as your headline, summary, work experience, and the skills you showcase.

3. Engagement: Content that garners likes, shares, and comments, be it posts, articles, or videos, is regarded as valuable by LinkedIn. Such content is promoted in search results and may even make appearances in the news feed, providing additional exposure.

4. Personal Connections: The strength of your connection is a significant factor. First-degree connections are more likely to see your content, but if they engage with it, your content can potentially reach their connections and so forth, following the “six degrees of separation” concept.

5. Recommendations & Endorsements: LinkedIn holds a positive view of profiles with a higher number of endorsements for listed skills and genuine recommendations. These factors contribute to improved visibility on the platform.

5. Keywords: Similar to traditional SEO, the strategic use of relevant keywords in your headline, summary, and work experience is critical to enhancing your visibility on LinkedIn. It’s essential to ensure that these keywords align with your professional identity and what potential searchers might seek.

8. Regular Activity: Staying active on LinkedIn earns recognition from the platform’s algorithm. This includes regular posting, engaging in comments, and even simple actions like updating your profile or endorsing skills. These activities can provide a slight advantage in terms of visibility.



Your Profile Photo

Ensure your profile picture exudes professionalism with a high-quality image of yourself. Remember, LinkedIn is a platform dedicated to professional networking, so maintaining a professional appearance is crucial. Opt for a clear headshot that prominently showcases your face, as people are interested in seeing you, not your pets or gadgets.

Revamp Your Background Banner

Your background banner is often underestimated, yet it holds immense potential. Treat it as your personal billboard – a canvas to flaunt your personal brand. Opt for a high-resolution image paired with a compelling message or a call to action that showcases your value. Leaving it blank leaves your profile looking incomplete and inactive.

Embrace Consistency

Consistency is paramount when crafting your personal brand. Ensure your overall look, feel, message, and content harmonize seamlessly. Your profile picture should align with your banner to create a cohesive identity. Remember, you’re building a personal brand; maintain uniformity throughout. Choose and adhere to a specific color scheme for added impact.

Elevate Your About Section

Unlock the full potential of your “About” section. Keep it relevant to your goals – why display your resume if you’re seeking to hire talent? Start with attention-grabbing content, as the initial sentences are what catch users’ eyes during profile browsing. Incorporate keywords related to your skills, profession, or offered services. Write in a conversational tone to come across as relatable and human. Establishing a connection with your audience is key to garnering connections.

Implement a Call to Action

Clearly define what you want people to do when they visit your profile. Do you want them to explore your profile after viewing a post? Perhaps connect with you? Begin with a modest request and gradually escalate. However, avoid using this space to push immediate product sales. Don’t forget that your banner can be an excellent place for a call to action as well.

Leverage Hashtags

LinkedIn offers the option to include hashtags related to your areas of expertise or frequent topics of discussion. Utilize this feature to enhance discoverability and engagement with your profile. Incorporating relevant hashtags can expand your network and contribute to your online presence.



You’ve probably encountered the idea of buyer personas. It’s essential to invest ample time in conducting comprehensive research on your target audience. Who exactly are you trying to reach? What obstacles are they encountering? What piques their interests and passions? Where can they be found geographically? Which professional communities on LinkedIn do they engage with? Are they peers or potential clients?

Now, when you craft your content, imagine you’re speaking directly to these individuals. Position yourself as the expert in your industry and share your personal observations and insights. Highlight the latest trends and showcase your expertise and passion. Engage with groups and forums that align with their likely interests and participation.



LinkedIn isn’t a platform you can set and forget. To see results, you must actively engage with others because, after all, it’s a social network, not merely a digital resume board or blog. People come here seeking more than just jobseekers and companies; they look for advice, trends, and connections with like-minded professionals. It’s a professional network, it’s not the place to vent about personal matters like your neighbor’s dog or to engage in political discussions. Unless, of course, politics is your chosen career path.

Comments You Make

Your comments on others’ posts are publicly visible on your profile. Try to comment on influencers posts. This increases the reach your comments have. Avoid posting generic comments like “Great post.” Instead, invest time and thought into your comments. Ensure they are relevant to your expertise or perspective, ask meaningful questions, and actively participate in the discussion. Take the time to read the entire post before commenting. If you only skim the title or the first paragraph, you risk appearing uninformed. Nothing makes you seem less engaged than commenting on just the title, only to discover that your comment is unrelated to the post’s content. Keep in mind that some titles are designed to grab attention, and the actual content may differ from your initial expectations.

Content Sharing

Utilize the power of sharing content produced by influencers or businesses to enhance your online presence. It’s universally gratifying for content creators to see their work shared, and this action may just serve as a catalyst for grabbing the attention of the specific business or hiring manager you’re keen to engage with. In fact, it might even lead to them reciprocating by sharing some of your content in return.

There are two primary approaches to reposting content that you should consider:

  1. The first is the straightforward act of sharing or reposting content, which is relatively simple.
  2. The second approach, which carries more significant value, involves sharing content along with your own comments or thoughts. When crafting these comments, take the time to reflect on how the shared article or post aligns with your personal or professional objectives. This approach not only demonstrates your engagement but also adds depth to the content you’re sharing. Additionally, remember to include relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your shared content and facilitate its discovery by a broader audience.

Share, comment, and hashtag your way to greater online impact!


Fostering personal relationships is a critical element of success on LinkedIn. It all begins with your existing contacts. Don’t hesitate to reach out to everyone you’ve saved in your phone and invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Whenever you meet someone new, check to see if they would be interested in connecting on LinkedIn to maintain communication. Launch the LinkedIn app on your mobile device and send connection requests right away. Don’t hesitate to take the initiative. Additionally, consider joining LinkedIn groups and actively participating in discussions. 

Your first-degree connections can be instrumental in transforming your second and third-degree connections into first-degree connections, which LinkedIn values most. This can be achieved simply by having them repost or engage with your content.


Building a strong LinkedIn profile involves seeking recommendations and endorsements from your connections. The greater the number of endorsements for the skills you’ve highlighted and the more genuine recommendations you receive, the more favorably LinkedIn views your profile. Don’t hesitate to request endorsements from colleagues, clients, and supervisors; you’re actively working to establish a reputable presence on the platform. LinkedIn perceives endorsements and recommendations as evidence that others recognize your excellence. As a bonus tip, if you’re aiming to catch the attention of a potential client, consider endorsing one of their skills; this gesture is sure to make you stand out.


You might be familiar with the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites, but it’s important to recognize that the same principle is applicable to LinkedIn as well. Keywords play a pivotal role in optimizing your LinkedIn presence. To discover relevant keywords on LinkedIn, you can start by entering them into the LinkedIn search bar. As you do so, you’ll notice suggested phrases in the dropdown menu. These suggestions provide valuable insights into the keywords and phrases frequently used by LinkedIn users. Utilize these keywords strategically in any text you input on your profile and in your posts. Keep in mind that LinkedIn essentially functions as a professional search engine where people search not only for individuals and companies but also for relevant content. Ensure that your profile reads naturally and flows smoothly with the incorporation of these keywords. Additionally, remember that keywords can double as effective hashtags. LinkedIn offers the opportunity to gauge the popularity of these hashtags by showing you the number of subscribers.


In the ever-evolving realm of professional networking, maintaining a steadfast LinkedIn presence is crucial. Consistently share fresh content and regularly refine your profile by eliminating outdated information while adding new skills and accomplishments. This should not be reserved solely for periods of active job hunting or talent scouting; instead, view it as an ongoing commitment to present yourself as a professional. 

Active engagement in discussions and interactions with others is of equal importance. However, exercise discretion when engaging with others’ posts to avoid getting entangled in contentious arguments. Keep in mind that everything you do on the platform, from comments to shares, is visible to potential employers, clients, and job seekers. Consequently, your online activity should mirror the image you wish to convey. 

Consistency is the key. Every action you take on LinkedIn should have a purpose and align with your overarching objectives. Your profile, as well as any posts or comments you make, should clearly articulate your professional identity, skills, and the value you bring to the table. This clarity will direct your target audience toward the actions you want them to take, whether it’s connecting, hiring, or seeking your expertise. Essentially, your LinkedIn presence should be a coherent narrative of who you are, what you do, and the professional value you bring to the table.

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