About Neeljym Search Group®:

Professional search group connecting Exceptional Talent with Leading Organizations 

Neeljym Search Group®, founded by Jim Maxwell, is one of the best recruiting agencies in St. Louis. With a team of highly talented Search Professionals whose mission it is to help well-established and emerging businesses in Construction, Engineering, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Sales secure a competitive advantage by providing innovative talent access solutions. These solutions extend well beyond the capabilities of traditional headhunting. Whether you are looking for a new job or hard to find talent, we have you covered. 

Unwavering Commitment to Exceptional Talent Access

Jim with Dog

I love recruiting! The reason I love recruiting is because it’s the one profession where you can make a true positive impact on people’s lives. As the average person spends a third or more of their time at work, what they do professionally affects every aspect of their life—where they live, how they live, where their children go to school, where they go on vacation, etc.

At Neeljym Search Group®, we love that we get to be a part of building companies and careers. We understand that locating, acquiring, and retaining top talent is a challenge. We understand that locating and winning great jobs is equally as challenging. Our focus is to streamline the process to make top talent and exciting opportunities with growing companies readily available in our respective practices.

Whether you are looking for talent or seeking a new, exciting job opportunity, we recognize there are many options. Before you choose, investigate how our approach to the search and recruiting process leads to a “stick rate” above the industry average.

Jim Maxwell

President — Neeljym Search Group®

A Journey of Innovation and Success to Becoming one of the Best Recruitment Firms

Jim started his professional search career in 1998 and it didn’t take long for him to realize that he had found his calling. While much has changed in the search business over the past 24 years with new techniques and ever-evolving technologies, two things have remained the same

(1) businesses need great talent to secure a competitive advantage

(2) talent needs access to great opportunities. 

Jim has made it his personal mission to develop a team of highly trained and highly dedicated  recruiters. This highly talented group has the capability to leverage technology and industry relationships to deliver innovative talent access solutions to businesses.   

Unwavering Commitment to Exceptional Talent Access

Jim Maxwell’s deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of exceptional talent has been the driving force behind Neeljym’s success. From the outset, he recognized the critical role that skilled professionals play in driving organizational growth and achieving ambitious goals. This unwavering commitment to exceptional talent access has been the cornerstone of Neeljym’s philosophy, shaping the firm’s approach to client service and talent acquisition.

Harnessing Technology and Industry Expertise

In an ever-evolving search landscape, Neeljym has consistently embraced cutting-edge technology and leveraged its extensive industry relationships to deliver innovative talent solutions. The firm’s team of highly trained and dedicated recruiters seamlessly integrates advanced search methodologies with their deep understanding of specific industries and market trends. This unique blend of expertise enables Neeljym to identify and connect the right talent with the right opportunities, ensuring optimal alignment between client needs and individual aspirations.

When Jim is not on the phone connecting talent with companies, you can find him in the gym training for powerlifting meets or spending time with his family and dog on the family farm. 

Passion led us here

America’s Best Recruiting Firm

Neeljym Search Group® is a proud franchise member of the MRINetwork.

Since the beginning, the MRINetwork has led the search industry, billing over $17B as a network. With over 300 offices across five continents.

Forbes.com recognized MRINetwork in their annual “America’s Best Recruiting and Temp Staffing Firms 2023” research program as having the best recruiting firms in the USA.

The MRINetwork is among the elite top 1% in both the Executive Search and Professional and Specialist Search categories to receive this honor.

We are proud to be part of the MRINetwork, and to receive this designation for the seventh consecutive year.

Forbes America's Best Executive Recruiting Firms

We place skilled professionals across the following industries

We place skilled professionals across the following industries