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Talent Wins. If you look at the most admired and successful companies all around the world, those who have found a way to attract and retain the best talent, top the list. Berkshire Hathaway has been on the Forbes list of most admired organizations year after year; they are known for buying organizations at a discount and running them extremely efficiently. From Southwest Airlines’ service and efficiency focus to the exceptional brand management of Proctor and Gamble, there are many organizations who share the “Most Admired Company” status based on a myriad of different business concepts and classifications.

More importantly, whether selected for product management, exceptional service, investing, or for any other category, these organizations all have one thing in common — they make finding and growing the best talent a top priority. Do you think Apple employs good Product Managers? Of course they do! They are known to have the best Product Managers in the world today! How did they get the talent? They got it by developing it from within or acquiring it from outside of their organization. The bottom line — talent wins. It is not easy to get where these “Most Admired”organizations are, and it is even harder to stay there. 

As a boutique firm, we have the privilege of selecting our partners. This allows us to focus on quality rather than meeting candidate quotas, and we never force ill-fitting placements to simply close an account. Our talent recruitment agency is dedicated to connecting high-achievers with other like-minded professionals because we understand that championships are achieved through strong teams.

Whether you need a complete recruitment powerhouse, or a laser-focused team for a specific role, we’ve got you covered. Let us tailor our expertise to your needs.

Go big with full-service talent acquisition and leverage our network, expertise, and technology to build your dream team. Ditch the endless to-do list of recruitment tasks, the overflowing inboxes with unqualified candidates, cost of subscriptions to job boards and the constant talent hunt. Instead, you hand the reins to a team of expert recruiters who become your trusted hiring partners. That’s the magic of full-service talent acquisition.

Or, opt for a streamlined per-role search for precise talent placement, perfect for smaller needs or niche positions. 

Our mission is to provide you with the finest team possible. 

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Leave your staffing problems in your rear view! Let us customize a search solution tailored to your specific needs. 

Retained Search

Level up your talent game with Retained Search: Attract top performers, not just applicants. Our exclusive, personalized search unlocks hidden talent, from niche experts to C-suite stars. Deep consultation refines your needs, proactive headhunting lands the perfect fit, and dedicated partnership secures success. Forget “best fit”, build your dream team with Retained Search.

Recommended for highly specialized, confidential, or critical leadership roles. The retained model ensures a dedicated project team is committed to your search through to completion.

Priority Search

An ideal blend of retained and contingency search solutions, the priority model is best suited for mid- to high-level roles that require comprehensive, professional representation. Streamline hiring & secure top talent faster with retained priority search!  We proactively identify & pre-vet talent matching your needs, securing their interest before competitors even know they’re available. Attract game-changers & build your winning team, one retained priority search at a time.

Recommended for roles that are urgent in nature. The priority search model ensures priority with a dedicated recruiter who is committed to your search through to completion.

Contingency Search

Plug & Play Talent, No Upfront Cost: Try Contingency Search! Fill open positions quickly and with contingent search. This risk-free approach only charges upon successful hiring, offering a pre-vetted pool of candidates without upfront or retainer fees. Perfect for niche roles and mid-tier positions, you manage the interview process while we tap our extensive network

Best utilized for more traditional or low- to mid-level roles that do not require a dedicated search effort. The contingency model is a no-risk option and requires payment only when a candidate is hired


Contract Staffing

Need a fast, flexible talent boost? Contract staffing delivers! Skip lengthy hires & onboard seasoned pros for defined projects, filling skills gaps & scaling seamlessly. Say goodbye to recruitment headaches & hello to immediate impact.

Recommended for positions of temporary nature or as a try before your hire model. No HR headaches like timesheets to worry about. Your recruitment budget spent? Consider contract staffing?

Focus on what you do best, let us do the rest

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Our industry search specialists are recruitment process experts. Couple that with their market knowledge in your industry, and you can be sure they will quickly identify candidates with the right blend of ability, experience and motivation needed to thrive at your organization. 

Access to Large Talent Pool and Network

Immerged into the talent marketplace on a  daily basis, our Search Consultants maintain and build relationships with industry leaders and professionals nationwide. 

Specialized, Solution Driven

Each team members specialize in one industry. They are experts in locating and  identifying candidates  with the right blend of ability, experience and motivation needed to thrive at your organization and industry. Providing custom solutions for your particular needs and industry.

Local, Hybrid & Remote

Our Search Consultants have the experience and expertise to make hiring a breeze.

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Save Money

Every day that a key opening remains unfilled means productivity is down, which ultimately equates to lost revenue. While it may seem counterintuitive to think hiring a recruiter will save you money, consider the cost of a critical position that remains open for several months.

Save Time

By allowing us to do what we do best, you save your time and resources to focus of what you do best. Our experts will reduce your time to fill by finding you qualified talent quickly. A candidate that will “hit the ground running”, reducing the need for expensive training and post-hire downtime.

Working with us is easy as 1,2,3…


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Needs Analysis

We will conduct an in-depth discovery call with key decision makers to discuss your business, the culture, the experience and skills that your ideal candidate will possess, and how the new hire will make an impact.


Talent Research

Utilizing a variety of tools and resources, we will identify and attract candidates who possess the required experience and skills.


Screening & Shortlisting

Beyond experience and skills requirements, we will assess each candidate’s potential culture fit. Those best-suited for both the role and your company will be shortlisted. 


Offer & Negotiations

Extending an offer has never been so easy! We will handle all salary and contract negotiations following final interviews. 


Hire the Best!

We will continue working with you through the candidate onboarding process to ensure the new hire is set up for success and can make an immediate impact on your organization.  

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