We are all consumers of work

We are all consumers. We earn our paychecks and then we spend our money on goods and services to support our health, families and lifestyles BUT did you ever think that we would be a consumer of work? In today’s Digital World we are.
We are experiencing a cataclysmic transformation in how we perceive the workplace. The Pandemic has created a societal shift. Previously considered a lifestyle perk Work From Home (WFH) has become the necessity of how businesses are operating today. These businesses have realized that people can work efficiently from home and businesses are embracing this for the long haul; Google, Facebook and Twitter have all announced that the WFH model is how they are going to continue operating. Technology has allowed this to be the “new normal”.
Up to present day people made their career decisions with much of that consideration made to location. They accepted jobs that were restricted to geography, BUT that is changing as employers embrace WFH and distributive workforce models.
This digital transformation affords people the opportunity to accept new employment opportunities regardless of geography, providing them a vast array of options unimaginable pre-pandemic. With this fundamental transformation the job seeker has been bestowed great power; literally transforming them into a consumer rather than an applicant.
Now, more than ever, companies are faced with fierce competition to acquire great talent. Talent acquisition l needs to change from posting and waiting for responses to Talent Engagement. This requires a strong and compelling Brand, a healthy and progressive Culture and Talent Management partners who are digitally minded. Companies who are pro-active, and willing to challenge the status quo are those who will entice and attract today’s Consumers of Work.