THE BIG SHORTAGE – Why innovation is helping to fuel the lack of talent and the need for engineers in the manufacturing sector.

The Baby Boomer generation is the largest in the US, and they have been retiring in record numbers since 2016. As a result, there is a serious need across industries for talented newcomers to take their place in the workforce. While this holds true in the Manufacturing industry, there is also a need for talented newcomers due to the growing number of new technologies. From robotics and automation to digitalization and sustainable practices, new talent is needed to help with the transition and maintenance of these new technologies.

Let’s talk a little more about what this tech means and why it is a perfect storm for talented engineers in the job market.

Automation and Robotics 

The use of automation and robotics is increasing tenfold, even more so since the pandemic revealed the necessity for autonomous aspects in manufacturing to ensure smooth operations in the face of worker shortages. These systems and machines require deep knowledge to build, maintain, and improve processes. The ever-increasing use of these technologies creates huge opportunities for engineers with the knowledge and experience to help with these systems.


Digitalization helps in many ways, from improving the customer experience and productivity to quality assurance. It is no surprise that engineers with skill sets that include data analytics, artificial intelligence, and Internet of things( IoT) are in demand.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable practices are becoming essential to manufacturing companies around the country. Growing pressure from consumers and regulators is propelling these practices to the forefront. Process and quality engineers are in full demand and will make a lasting impact on how manufacturers operate moving forward.

So, what do these technological and environmental changes in the world of manufacturing mean for talent, new and old? It means you have a fantastic opportunity to improve your skills and your position in your career. We’re in a talent-starved market, meaning there are more jobs than there are people to fill them. Talented engineers have many options, which include unique opportunities to take bigger steps in their careers than would have been available before. If you are thinking about making a move, now is the time. With advances in tech, the strides being made for a sustainable future, and the lack of talent available, chances are great that you can “one-up” your career.