Are remote workers easier to lay off?

With recession looming and the possibility of corporate layoffs increasing, will remote workers be the first to go? Many managers are still unconvinced that remote workers can be as productive as onsite workers. So the answer is, unfortunately, remote workers are likely easier to lay off. The main reason is that leaders tend to favor the people they see regularly, and many may consider a layoff over the phone a less painful exercise. If you are a new remote worker, the odds of being laid off are even higher.

Here are a few tips to lower your odds of being laid off as a remote worker:

1. Schedule meetings with your immediate supervisor to present your productivity on a regular basis. In these meetings keep the focus on your results, not activities. Many remote workers seem invisible to leaders, so routine “check-ins” will make your presence known.

2. Attempt to get in front of your boss’ boss to boost your visibility.

3. If you work with customers, internally and/or externally, ask them to express their satisfaction with your performance to your manager. Managers love to hear about satisfied customers.

4. Go onsite when possible, even if it’s only a few times per month.