Current State of the Construction Industry

After a sluggish Q2 marked by numerous project delays, there’s a noticeable resurgence in project initiations, and the pace is accelerating rapidly. Within the vertical construction landscape, Multifamily and Industrial developments continue to spearhead the demand. 

However, the industry faces a looming challenge: the number of retiring construction professionals is on the rise, while an insufficient influx of young talent into the field persists. This challenge isn’t new, but what is new is the substantial number of individuals departing from General Contractors and Subcontractors to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, transition into roles as owner representatives, or explore alternative industries. 

This convergence of retirements and departures, coupled with a growing construction backlog, has significantly increased the demand for experienced construction professionals. At this moment, the number of open positions is surging, yet the pool of applicants is dwindling. 

This presents an often-overlooked opportunity for career growth, and it’s a conversation that’s not receiving enough attention. Your competition for your dream job is at an all-time low, and in many instances, companies are tailoring positions to align with an individual’s strengths. 

As we look ahead to Q4, the industry is poised to heat up. Right now, you have the chance to secure a position that could reduce your travel, elevate your income, advance your career, and/or bolster your leadership role — all before the competition catches up!