Two Weeks' Notice: Loyalty vs. Opportunity - Should You Burn Bridges?

Navigating the Resignation Crossroads

Feeling underappreciated and overworked after years of dedication? You’re not alone. Many loyal employees face the dilemma of leaving a stagnant job for a dream opportunity, especially when the new company pressures an immediate start.

But what about the standard two weeks notice? Is it still a thing?

Imagine this: You’ve toiled away for 5-10 years, exceeding expectations yet receiving meager pay, excessive workload, and zero career path. Suddenly, a $30,000 raise, defined growth, and work-life balance land at your doorstep after a seamless interview. The catch? They need you now!

Do you stick to the two-week notice, potentially jeopardizing your dream job?

A Commercial Product Manager, we recently placed in a fantastic role with one of our valued clients, faced this very scenario.  After reflecting on it she gladly accepted the new offer and opportunity, giving only 3 days’ notice.

But here’s the twist:  She reminded them that she endured multiple reorgs and a recent demotion without receiving any notice, and that she likely would not have been given notice had she been terminated. Her old employer, shocked and offended, showed her the door immediately.

The lesson? Two-week notice is often a courtesy, not a contract. And like any courtesy, it deserves reciprocation. If your employer has consistently shown a lack of regard for your well-being and career goals, why prioritize their convenience over your own advancement? The 2 weeks notice came from an era when companies still had loyalty towards their employees. When one could count on being a lifelong employee at one company and then retire with a great pension. Those days are long gone. Why pass on a life-changing opportunity just to fulfill an unwritten rule? 

It’s about recognizing one-way streets. If your loyalty hasn’t earned you respect, prioritize your future with the confidence that true opportunities don’t require self-sacrifice.

Stop wasting time on dead-end loyalty. Your future needs investment, not self-sacrifice. ‍Take control of your career journey. ️ Weigh your options, prioritize your growth and well-being. Even if it means ditching the traditional two-week notice and taking a bold path.

Remember, your career path is yours to navigate. When possible give the two weeks notice. Weigh your options carefully, and don’t hesitate to prioritize your growth and well-being, even if it means breaking away from the traditional two-week notice and possibly burning a few bridges.


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